In order not to forget, we would like to add a few order notes here:

Do you want to have a design that is not included in our website? No problem; Send the image you want to be printed to or our Whatsapp communication line, we will make the preliminary work and process it after you have it approved. Important Note: In your personalized orders, it is not possible to cancel or return the orders that have been processed. In personalized orders, the design does not go to the production stage without paying the product fee.
Please make sure that all the information you enter into the system is correct. We are not authorized to modify, modify, modify or delete any information. For this reason, we cannot perform operations such as changing addresses, adding phone numbers or changing billing information for products that have been delivered to cargo.
The data you enter is completely reflected to us. In this regard, we kindly ask you to check your registered addresses and the addresses you wrote while placing your order very carefully.
Your orders are carefully prepared and packaged.
Your bulk orders can be combined in a way that does not cause problems during transportation and shipping, or your products weighing more than the load to be carried by one person (30 Kg +) are sent in two or more packages depending on the situation.
You can ask any questions that come to your mind via our e-mail address or via our Whatsapp communication line.